John Hughes


The Fuel Of Youth

A feature film length about coping with anguish, entitled ‘The Fuel Of Youth’, will be created by a group of talented young filmmakers from Baltinglass led by John Hughes.

Produced and shot on location in Baltinglass and featuring actors from the locality, the film will be written and directed by John Hughes, founder of Parkmore Studios.

The Fuel Of Youth explores the entwined series of interrelated stories that bring relatable characters Nena, Sean and Alan together in the wake of a devastating tragedy. Burdened by their dysfunctional lives, the three young adults grapple with severe anguish and the haunting aftermath of the incident that shattered their worlds.


John Hughes is a young filmmaker and photographer based in Baltinglass. He is one of the founders of "Parkmore Studios", a fast-growing video production company. 

John started studying filmmaking in 2018 when he was 16 and still in secondary school. In 2022, he completed the Film & TV Production Training Programme. His work includes short films, documentaries, videos and photography. 

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John Hughes
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