The artists listed below have all been selected to receive funding for their projects as part of the Creative Places Baltinglass programme

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the five newest funded artists


Mairéad Kelly

Storytelling and sound art

Inisfáil Social Circle

Production of an audio recording about "The Hillfort Capital Baltinglass – Kilranelagh", the Neolithic/Bronze Age site. The recording will connect the listener to the landscape, history, folklore and provide information about the ancient past of Baltinglass. This project is the first part of a planned audio recording and QR trail around the town and hinterlands. 


Mark Caplice


Building Bridges

A collaborative intercultural music project that brings together local and Ukrainian musicians based in Baltinglass to cultivate unity and togetherness through singing, making music and writing together.


Siobhan Madden


Community Dye Garden

A community project that encouragescreative engagement with nature through arts while paying homage to a time when Baltinglass was a renowned woollen and linen hub. Flax and other bee and butterfly-friendly pollinator flowers will be planted by the community to promote biodiversity. The project will take place in Tearmann Community Garden. The plants will be harvested, and hands-on workshops will teach the art of tie-dye and eco-print making using flax fibres and flower petals.


Eoin O'Malley

Visual Art


An innovative and experimental art project using the 'Mark-Making' method, a painting process executed with a variety of wheels to create a unique large-scale floor painting. The idea for the project evolved from Eoin's experimental artwork using his wheelchair as a drawing tool.


John Hughes


The Fuel Of Youth

A feature film length about coping with anguish, entitled ‘The Fuel Of Youth’, will be created by a group of talented young filmmakers from Baltinglass led by John Hughes.

Produced and shot on location in Baltinglass and featuring actors from the locality, the film will be written and directed by John Hughes, founder of Parkmore Studios.

The Fuel Of Youth explores the entwined series of interrelated stories that bring relatable characters Nena, Sean and Alan together in the wake of a devastating tragedy. Burdened by their dysfunctional lives, the three young adults grapple with severe anguish and the haunting aftermath of the incident that shattered their worlds.


Gerry Gormley


Gerry Gormley is a native of Meath but has spent the best part of a decade in the west side of Wicklow, including Dunlavin, Donard, and Baltinglass, and is now a permanent resident in Kiltegan with his young family.

He is a musician and poet who has recently delved into filmmaking. The last short film he wrote and produced was filmed in Baltinglass and the Sally Gap. It is titled ‘The Passenger’ and focuses on men’s mental health and the stigma still attached to it being discussed.

It recently won an award at the Boyne Valley International Film Festival.

His next film project is titled, ‘Trash’. It is a comedy horror. He wrote the script after becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that some people have a blatant disregard for our beautiful countryside.

The underlying theme is directly related to illegal dumping. Funding has been received from Wicklow County Council/Creative Places Baltinglass, which has gotten the production off the ground.

The core idea of the film, apart from making people laugh, is to highlight the natural be of our area and try to make people think twice about taking such actions.

He based the script on local folklore involving the many fairy forts we have in our area and that if you anger the fairies (By throwing a bag of rubbish on the side of the road), there will be consequences.

A painter mixes colours photo by alicia zinn from PexelsStorytelling time at Cruinniu in BaltinglassPhoto from My Future Baltinglass event 2022

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